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Optix is the digital, intelligent document automation multi-user solution that can be customized for any business.


  • Saves on cost 
  • Increases business efficiency 
  • Scales to fit your exact needs, all with our unmatched customer support when you need it most

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Looking Ahead

What to expect from our engagement:

Step 1

Discovery Call

Step 2

To understand your current business processes and challenges, explain the costs, and create a timeline.

Product Demonstration

Step 3

To show how our products features & capabilities will work specifically for your company's needs.

Product Delivery

Implement Optix into your company!

Information Management Solutions To Transform Your Business

Improve Your Bottom Line - No more hassle with paper documents

Seamless Communication - Capture, manage, and share documents throughout your organization

Simplified Platform - Create drag-and-drop workflow automation

Easy Data Management - Extract and automatically index metadata from your files

Compliant - Address and manage any regulation compliance issues with ease

Optix Features & Capabilities

Moving to a paperless process has never been easier.

Document Capture

Create powerful capture tasks to automate document capture workflows.

Document Management

Text Search

Fast full-text search of document contents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF with text overlay.

Harness your database and document index metadata to precisely locate your needed documents in seconds.

Document Scanning

Reduces the cost of off-site paper document storage and per-page retrieval costs.

Mobile Document Management

Workflow Automation

Our drag-and-drop process editor allows you to automate repeatable business processes in minutes.

Browser-based access to the Optix repository using the same index forms used by Macintosh and Windows clients.

Optix - Customized To Fit Your Needs

Tailored Dashboards For Your Business:

Get results of your queries in a "hit list" at the top of your screen, which can show the document fields most important to you .

Add documents into Optix easily utilizing auto-fill, reducing manual entry time.

Query your document repository by any of the unique fields on your query screen.

Custom document workflows tailored to your needs:

Make sure your documents automatically go to the right people at the right time as they are entered into Optix, and users can be notified when they have an action to take on a document.

See How Optix Gives Your Team Hours Back In Their Week With A Free Demo

With Optix:

  • Safely capture, store, and route secure content
  • Integrate with other applications to increase business efficiency
  • Scales to fit your exact needs, all with our unmatched customer support when you need it most

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Mindwrap Team has been a valued business partner for us. They believe in their product and develop continuous improvements in the software functionality."

Konrad Spicer, IT Director

"The workflows we have implemented using Optix have vastly improved our productivity and processes."

Tiffany Terry, Donations Process Manager

"It used to take us 3 hours to manually dig up the paperwork required for customer certification. With the Optix product, that process is down to 3 minutes."

Joe Vigil, IT Director

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